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SEO Blueprint

SEO Blueprint

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The ultimate SEO Checklist for eCommerce website

Time to bring SEO into your marketing strategy?

The task feels overwhelming and all a bit too hard right? Not with a STFDD SEO Blueprint at hand.

I will go through your website with a fine-tooth comb and find all the bits n bobs that need attention. I will test and measure and present you with a report that highlights all your major on and off-page issues.

As part of the audit, you'll receive a spreadsheet with your site's precise URLs that need attention. Plan in hand, you can begin the fixes straight away. 

SEO Help for small business

Everyone tells you that you “should” be doing SEO, but eek! you are so busy there is no room in your head to learn the SEO basics,  make your product,  market your product AND be a super mum too.

The task seems too enormous to tackle so instead SEO sits on your to-do for another week, month or year.

With a plan in your hand, it's easy to see where to start, and you can do with your laptop on your knee and your fave binge on Netflix.

After I present you with your completed SEO audit and the actionable to-do list,  you’ll be saying, “Shut the front door!”over and over again.


The personalised SEO Blueprint of your website includes:

  •  Detailed report outlining all your current SEO issues and technical problems.
  •  A full keyword report showing where you currently rank for your chosen keywords, including the opportunity to rank suggestions.
  •  Full keyword reports for 2 of your chosen competitors.
  •  A full backlink report.
  •  A full backlink report for 2 of your chosen competitors.
  •  A prioritised personal action plan of the next 5 SEO steps you need to take.
  • Access to my "How to Video Vault". Video tutorials on exactly how to make and implement changes to your Shopify store SEO.

SEO Blueprint presentation:

  •  Written Report
  •  A prioritised personal action plan 
  •  Spreadsheets outlining each url that needs attention, plus what changes are required delivered via google drive.
  • Access to my "How to Video Vault". Video tutorials on exactly how to make and implement changes to your Shopify store SEO.



Once I look over the blueprint, what do I do if I need more help with implementing my SEO?

You have lifetime access to the How to Video Vault. If you still cant find the answer you seek you can also book a SEO Concierge or Prepaid Package for some extra assistance. 

Will I immediately get sales once I make these changes?

Honestly? No. SEO is a longer game than say social media, but getting the fundamentals in place can make an evergreen impact on your SEO sales channel. Google continues to be the way people find what they seek, so being ahead of your competitors with your SEO game will ensure the eyeballs are all on you.


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