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User Experience Roadmap

User Experience Roadmap

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Customer UX review for your Ecomm Website

The UX Road map gives you a custom user experience review for your Ecommerce website.

An action plan outlining all your current UX issues and how to fix them, as well as a screen recording to visually walk you through your next 10 steps to take.

You’ll have all the information at hand to give your ideal customer the best user experience.

Our roadmap gives you an action plan to make your website more user friendly

You’ve built your beautiful site, busted your backside on social media, launched to the world, and then….crickets. Now you are seriously doubting whether you're cut out for this.

For a start, don’t stress every single entrepreneur feels this way throughout the journey. (Discomfort is where the magic happens, by the way.)

There are so many working parts that make a website work and when I say work, I mean convert. Because that’s what we are here for right?

When you are starting out in online small business you, "don't know what you don't know." You've had fun learning something new.

Setting up your website, filling it with beautiful pictures and then keeping everything crossed that now they will come (your ideal customer) and BUY.

While it's totally important that your site is pretty. What happens when your ideal customer cannot navigate your site with ease? Well, they'll bounce back to the google search results faster than you can say "pour me a wine will ya."

Don't stress this is exactly why I created the UX Road map, so you get fresh eyes on your site.

Reviewing all the bits and bobs that make a website super click-worthy and give you the confidence that your site is set up for optimum performance.


You'll get a personalised audit of your website including:

  •  Site Speed Report
  • First Impression Review
  • Service Area Clarity Review
  • Image Name Audit
  • Link Review


A detailed report outlining all your current homepage UX issues including:

  • Navigation Review Main Nav and Footer
  • Header & Contact Elements
  • A detailed report listing compliance for privacy and T&Cs
  • Newsletter Sign Up review
  • Usability and UX Review
  • A prioritised personal action plan of the next 10 steps you need to take


A real-time review of your site.

Recorded for you to watch and re-watch as often as you need. This outlines, in real-time all the actionable steps you need to take to get your home page performing.

UX Road Map Includes:

  • Written Report
  • A video screen recording reviewing your site. (Perfect for the visual leaner)
  • A prioritised personal action plan delivered via Trello so you can get on top of your “to do” stat.



Once I have read the road map what do I do if I still feel unsure of how to do the technical stuff?

I can help with that. You can either pre-purchase hours and I’ll do the work for you.

 Will I immediately get sales once I make these changes?

Honestly? No. Getting the right traffic to your site gets conversions. But once you have made the changes, you will know that when they arrive (through your different sales channels). Your customers will have an experience that makes it super easy for them to buy.

 If I book a UX Roadmap and then you discover that my site is the bom diggity and its something else causing my lack of sales, what happens then?

If I find this to be true your dollars can be spent in credit towards auditing your SEO or one of our other services.

 I’m still not sure if a website audit is what I need?

Book a FREE 15 min discovery call.


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