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"Best Thing I did for my business"

"I cannot speak highly enough about Vanessa at Shut the Front Door Digital and the incredible work she has done for my business.

Thanks to her expertise in SEO and web development, my store's appearance has drastically improved and my conversion rates have skyrocketed.

She exceeded all of my expectations by delivering a whopping 300% increase in total sales!

Working with Vanessa at Shut the Front Door Digital has been an absolute pleasure, and I can confidently say that Peach and Petals would not be where it is today without her dedication and hard work."

Samantha Gallagher - Peach and Petals Owner

Hi I'm Vanessa, Your Digital Wing Woman

Shut the Front Door Digital is like the "Holy guacamole! You're kidding!" of digital assistance. Why, you ask? Because I've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt (probably a size too small). I've mastered the art of making all things digital as easy as pie. With over half a dozen years in eCommerce and even more in good ol' brick-and-mortar retail, I've worn your shoes before.

I'll guide you through your project with zero tech babble - just plain English. You'll be saying "Shut the Front Door" over and over again!

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  • Eye Luminous Skin and Brows

    Introducing Eye Luminous Skin and Brows – where beauty meets efficiency. We built a brand-new website, meticulously crafted on the Squarespace platform informed by SEO. We also streamlined appointments with Kelli's existing booking software and built, digitised and automated her client forms.

    Kelli can now focus on what she does best – providing top-notch services.

  • Sensory Play

    Introducing the all-new Sensory Play Website - your one-stop destination for joy-filled browsing. I've infused vibrancy and style into every pixel, inspired by the tune "Happy." The revamped Shopify store not only professionally showcases Carol's products but also reflects her unique style and personality. Her website now exudes success, and her return on investment has her feeling more than “Happy”. We have assisted her further by setting up Klayvio, writing her Welcome Email Series and also managing her Google Ads setup and maintenance.

    Super fun project! (And PSA I also got my Christmas Shopping done too)

  • The Inclusive Movement

    A project very close to my heart, The Inclusive Movement does incredible work in my local community. They offer such a diverse range of services and support. It was tricky to navigate where to start on their previous website.

    Their brand new Squarespace website is more than just pixels and code. I've meticulously crafted a user-centric experience, ensuring accessibility and ease of navigation for all. By putting core values and beliefs front and centre, I've transformed a digital space into a welcoming hub for diversity and support. There’s more to come on this project as I work with the Inclusive Movement team to link an online course. Watch this space.

  • Peach and Petals

    Peach and Petals owner Sam witnessed a remarkable surge in conversion rates and sales after I combined expert SEO mastery and Shopify web development wizardry to elevate her brand to new heights.

    She reports a whopping 300% increase in total sales. Time and time again, she outperforms her competitors and, most importantly, converts those customers with her fabulous, customer-centric website when they arrive.
    We proudly continue to support Sam's business as Peach and Petals goes from strength to strength.

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